Accredictation of Medical Practice

Hawker Medical Practice Accreditation

While the quality of health care received by patients is primarily dependent on the skill and diligence of doctors, the practice environment in which they work is also very important. This includes the physical facilities of the Practice, the quality of the medical records, policies covering patient appointments and privacy, the respect and care extended to patients both by doctors and staff.

In order to encourage medical practices to embark on continual improvement in these areas, the Australian Government introduced a programme of accreditation some years ago. Every three years, a visit from an expert team of Practice inspectors (GP Accreditation) assess the Practices’ conformity with the Scheme’s requirements. Hawker Medical Practice is tested thoroughly against the latest standard of general practice set by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. They look at every aspect of the Practice concerned from the quality of the facilities, the medical work of the doctors, computer security to the practice’s procedural and policy standard.

Teaching Practice Accreditation

Hawker Medical Practice is also accredited by The Royal Australian College of General Practitioner as a teaching practice. General practice accreditation provides independent recognition that general practices and their activities meet the requirements of the RACGP standards for general practices. Accreditation provides assurance for owners, managers, staff, funding bodies and consumers about quality and performance. Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) and General Practice Accreditation (GPA plus) are the two accreditation bodies for general practice.
General practices are encouraged to gain accreditation because:
  • it follows best practice;
  • the process improves the quality and safety of health care provided;
  • and general practice accreditation ensures that Hawker Medical Practice are eligible to participate in health initiatives organised by Australian Government.

Policies and Procedures

Hawker Medical Practice is accredited to the latest Royal Australian College of General Practitioner ( RACGP ) practice standard. The standard is recognised by the relevant departments of the Australian Government.

Our Practice Policy and Procedure was developed with the RACGP standard in mind. It promotes best practice to ensure patients get quality care, to protects patient’s privacy as well as provide a safe work place for our staff.

At times some practice policy may be seen as inflexible and not people-friendly. Please let us know if you feel that way. We would be happy to discuss with you. We do review our policy and procedure regularly to maintain the quality of our service.

Communications Policy

If a patient phones the Doctor and needs to speak with him/her, an urgent message is written to the Doctor and sent via our internal message system electronically. Doctors only take calls from other Doctors/Hospitals, Pharmacists and Nursing Homes. If any third party eg solicitors, insurance or third party phone, they are advised to put their request in writing and fax/mail it to the Practice. Hawker Medical Practice does not communicate electronically with patients or any third party.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is to provide information to you, our patient, on how your personal information (which includes your health information) is collected and used within our practice, and the circumstances in which we may share it with third parties.

Patient Feedback and Suggestions

We continually strive to improve the standard of professional service to our patients. You are invited to comment on any aspect of the Practice that you would like enhanced. If you have a problem or query about our Practice, please ask for Barbara who will try to resolve all your queries and discuss with the Doctors any complaints that you may have. If, you are not satisfied that the issue has been handled to your liking, you can contact the Health Complaints Commissioner.

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