The Building

Hawker Medical Practice Building

Hawker Medical Practice is located at the corner of Hawker Place and Beetaloo Street. The Building was built in 1991.

It contains 10 consulting rooms, a large waiting area for patients, a treatment room, a nurse’s room, a Practice Manager’s Office, two administrative areas and a staff room.

Each of the consulting rooms is fully outfitted and has a curtained area to ensure patient privacy.

The treatment room is equipped with a power driven bed (which is also available for patients who are unable to use the beds found in the consulting rooms).

The Practice employs its own autoclave for the sterilisation of implements, a specialised refrigerator for storage of vaccines, foetal Doppler and cryotherapy equipment


Free Parking is available on site as well as at Hawker shops and along the street nearby.
Disability parking spaces are available.

Disabled Access

Disabled access is via a disabled parking space immediately outside the building, up a short ramp and then via the entrance. Disabled toilets are situated next to Hawker Medical Practice and are accessible from the courtyard.

Electronic Health Records

By replacing paper based systems, patient care will be improved, ensure accurate and secure information transfer, supporting the transition when a patient changes or moves between health care providers.

The practice is fully computerized with all current patient notes held in electronic form. Back-up system both onsite and off site ensures security of patient data. Strict password based protocols are used to ensure the privacy of patient data. All our electronic communication with other health facilities uses encrypted secure messaging.